PPR’s Digital Academy Now A Permanent Fixture // Johnny Walker Creates Luxurious Brand Hub // The Rise Of Experiential As Customer Reward

In this week’s news recap the theme seems to be the rise of experiential marketing and how brands can connect with the world around them. This week Italian brands rush to the aid of national monuments and score a nice bit of pr, Johnny Walker creates a luxury brand ‘world’ in innovative surroundings and PPR reap the benefits of their Digital Academy initiative. If you’d like to take part in the discussion tweet us @futureofluxury.

PSFK – Johnny Walker Open ‘Immersive’ Experiential Hub

Sales of Johnny Walker whisky rose an incredible 64% in China after the opening of the Johnny Walker House in Shangai. A blend of innovative design and experiential brand ‘hub’ the house is part bar, museum and retail outlet as well as, most significantly, an exclusive members club. Providing a ‘luxurious and immersive experience’ centred around the brand’s distinguished history in whisky, services available to members includes access to a concierge who arranges exclusive access to Walker’s Scottish distilleries. Read more… 

WWD – PPR Make Digital Academy a Permanent Resource

Self-confessed tech geek François-Henri Pinault is known as one of the most digitally enthusiastic senior executives working in luxury today. As one of the first to recognise the impact ecommerce would have on the luxury market he ensured PPR’s reputation as a leader of digital amongst prestige brands. The Digital Academy introduced as a pilot scheme to promote and foster a digital culture within the PPR roster has proved to be such a success it was recently announced that it would become a permanent resource. Read more…

Businessweek – Brands Reward Top Customers with Access to Unique Events

“Everything has become more experiential,” says Dante D’Angelo, Brand and Consumer Development Director at Valentino. Luxury brands are increasingly offering their top customers exclusive experiences to attract their attention and deepen brand engagement. Backstage passes, early access to products and atelier tours are just some of the unique events that have been organised by brands such as Gucci, Lanvin, Roland Mouret and Valentino. Could this be the solution for brands trying to preserve the equilibrium between exclusivity and global sales? Read more…

The Telegraph – Italian Luxury Brands Rescue National Monuments

Fendi to the rescue! Rome, the eternal and eternally chic city is in need of help. The iconic Trevi fountain has started to suffer from serious deterioration and with the Italian government unable to find funds for essential restoration Italian luxury brands have stepped into save the day and earn themselves some favourable pr to boot. Fendi has pledged to spend close to $3 million on the Trevi Fountain, while Tod’s Group has offered an incredible $25 million to restore the Coliseum. As well as the philanthropic kudos such acts provide it’s also a clever exercise in brand awareness as Fendi’s origins are to be found in a small workshop just a few minutes walk away from the fountain. Read more…




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