About the Future of Luxury

The Future of Luxury is a collaborative resource of all that is new, exciting and innovative in luxury marketing. Built up by the industry’s best and brightest to help luxury brands gain a greater understanding and insight into latest developments and innovations. It asks how modern life is changing the meaning of luxury, what are the best practices for luxury marketing and what the luxury sector can learn from the mainstream.

It has been created to help inspire and stimulate discussion of the meaning of luxury in the 21st century and to provide a platform for leaders within the field to pass on their knowledge and expertise. It is a forum where leaders from a wide range of disciplines can come together and learn from one another in the hope of producing ever better output.

The Future of Luxury focusses on three key areas:

  • Profile
    Profiling new start-up luxury brands, founders and entrepreneurs who are challenging the industry and contributing new and exciting products to the market.
  • Guides
    Learnings and guides on how to launch a luxury brand, the things to consider and what values you may need to mark it out from the mainstreatm.
  • Snapshot
    The Future of Luxury is a series of punchy, easy to digest articles designed to stimulate debate whether online, through social media, or offline, at round-table discussions and events, about the future and meaning of luxury itself and best marketing practices whether they come from other luxury brands or from the mainstream.

Who is it targeted at?
The Future of Luxury is aimed at anyone with an investment in luxury brands. Whether they’re the owners, the marketers or just those with an interest in where the sector is going. By creating a community of industry leaders and experts the aim is to create discussion between readers and writers to expand both’s expertise.

Content expectations
With articles on luxury trends, guides in marketing as well as profiles of inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs, The Future of Luxury hopes to deliver short, informative and easily digestible insightful articles. It will provide interest and inspiration for luxury start up brands as well as starting points for debates on the idea of luxury marketing in the 21st century.