Hilton’s Innovation // Vacheron Constantin Using Digital // Mercedes Show Gratitude On Facebook // Vogue Online Competition Increases Engagement

This week we talk about Hilton Hotel’s positioning as the most innovative luxury hospitality brand, Vacheron Constantin’s use of digital to build up anticipation for their new store opening, Mercedes thanking their fans on Facebook with a video, and the competition on Vogue Online that increased their customer engagement.

CNBC – Hilton Position Themselves as the Most Innovative Luxury Hospitality Brand

‘Luxury is back’ says the head of Hilton Worldwide Luxury Brands. ‘There’s a whole new class of luxury customer’ says John Vanderslice and they happen to be young and tech savvy which explains Hilton’s emphasis on digital to provide exceptional guest experiences. Download the Conrad Concierge iPhone App and use it to order valet service, room service, organise your wake-up call and generally save you time. As Vanderslice says, for the luxury customer the real benefit of these digital innovations should be ‘more white space in the calendar’. Watch the interview…


WWD – Vacheron Constantin Use Digital to Build Buzz Ahead of Store Opening 

Luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin launches the 2 Rue de la Paix microsite to build buzz in anticipation of the opening of its first brand name Paris store. The site is built around 5 brand ambassadors that whose Vacheron Constantin style is showcased via short films, photos and interactive maps. Read more…


Luxury Daily – Mercedes Say Thank You to Facebook Fans 

Mercedes-Benz celebrated gaining 9 million Facebook fans this week with a specially made video to say thanks for the support. The short video called ‘Light Painting in Real Time’ features strokes of ‘movable light’ used to cover the Mercedes CLS as well as to write thank you to their Facebook fans. Read more…


Vogue – Hidden Competition Boosts Engagement in Vogue’s Online Fashion Week 

Harrods and Vogue UK have teamed up for the magazine’s Online Fashion Week event. This is the second year that the two forces have combined their audience power for greater effect. In a clever move to increase engagement and dwell time on the Harrods site the ‘Hide and Chic’ competition entry form is hidden on a different page within the site every day. Daily clues are provided hinting at where to find the competition. Read more…


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