Luxury Restaurants Opening Luxury Hotels // Boom In London Hotel Sector // Burberry Team-Up With Square // Top Googled Luxury Brands

This week we talk about the growing trend of luxury restaurants opening hotels, the boom London’s hotel sector, Burberry’s partnership with digital payments company Square, and the top 10 most googled luxury brands.

CNN – Now Luxury Restaurants are Opening Luxury Hotels 

The thrill of  shopping at your favourite brand’s store needn’t end when you step back on to the street – for those craving something a bit longer-lasting the trend for luxury brands to open their own hotel shows no sign of dying out. Famed Japanese restaurant chain Nobu announced their plans to open a Nobu Hotel in London in the near future, presumably after they gauge the success of their Las Vegas hotel which opens in January 2013. Read more…

Caterer and Hotelkeeper News – London’s Luxury Hotel Sector Blossoms

With so many major events focused on the UK last year the London’s luxury hotel sector continued to expand. Latest figures now show that there has been a 33% increase in luxury accommodation since 2005. With no major events planned for next year however, will it be a struggle to fill them? Reflecting the fact that five star properties account for 12% of hotel rooms in the capital Bulgari was the latest high-end brand to open a residence in the UK capital earlier this year. Read more…

 The Next Web – Burberry and Square to Team Up 

There are rumours that Burberry will soon be partnering with innovative mobile payments company Square to introduce digital payments in their stores. Always one to be ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating the online experience into their retail stores, Burberry has already been trialling iPad apps that enables sales assistants to personalise customer interactions. Read more…

 Bloomberg – Chinese Consumers Buy the Most Luxury Goods

Chinese shoppers have now surpassed those in the US to become the world’s biggest consumers of luxury goods. A new report by Bain & Co. attributes 25% of sales worldwide to the Chinese market. How long this trend will last for however is debatable. Newly elected Chinese officials have made it known they don’t approve of extravagance and are emphasising the importance of a frugal lifestyle. Read more…

 Time – The Top 10 Most Googled Luxury Fashion Brands

Google released its 2012 Zeitgeist report this week and Time magazine took a look at the top 10 luxury fashion labels that US users searched for during the year. Although Google doesn’t provide the equivalent list for the UK, choosing to only reveal a top 10 list of Fashion Labels, it’s interesting to note that these results only overlap once when it comes to, you guessed it Burberry. Read more…

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