TFOL Snapshot 29.05.15

Interactive fabrics that you can swipe right on, luxury cars being designed to be wirelessly charged are just two of the ways tech is integrating yet further into the world of luxury. Other news making the TFOL Snapshot this week sees luxury brands embrace affiliate marketing and a look at the need for multi-platform, personalised experiences to be placed at the heart of digital luxury.

1.The Future of Selling Fashion

“What I think everyone in the world of selling consumer and luxury goods must recognize is that if we are to survive and thrive in the next decade and beyond we need to offer a completely seamless and impressive multi-platform experience for our customers, with personalised service at its heart.  And that in itself has fundamentally changed the infrastructure of our industry.”

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2. High-class performance: Luxury brands find new confidence in affiliate marketing

According to digital marketing professionals, the last year has seen an influx of completely new brands from the luxury sector. Consumers are now as likely to see Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Net-a-Porter, Matches, Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Moschino, Valentino and Selfridges on price comparison sites as they are on city centre billboards.

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3. Touch-sensitive fabric and tiny radar chips: hands-on with Google’s ridiculous new tech

“Put Jacquard and Soli next to each other and you start to see that maybe we don’t have to be limited to touchscreens to interact with our gadgets. Maybe we can think about what they are and how we interact with them more broadly. It could be a big deal.”

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4. 7 Key Insights From The Worldwide Luxury Markets Monitor 2015

“The market is evolving at an alarming pace and luxury brands are being urged to adapt or risk becoming irrelevant. Here, we reveal the latest game-changers luxury players need to keep an eye on, as identified by Bain & Company’s Worldwide Luxury Markets Monitor 2015 Spring Update.”

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5. Why Clarks is measuring feet with iPads

“In an age where all aspects of our lives seem to be going digital and online, it’s also another example of a very simple activity – getting your children’s feet measured in a shoe shop – being turned into a profitable exercise in data collection.”

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6.Tech Giant Unites With Luxury Car Manufacturer to Make Wireless Charging Cars

The newly- announced partnership between Qualcomm, a mobile technology company, and Daimler, the people behind the luxury brand of Mercedes-Benz, seeks to use wireless technology to create a new, more convenient type of luxury car: the wireless charging car.

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