TFOL Snapshot 27.03.15

Amongst the headlines of this week’s TFOL Snapshot; the very definition of luxury is up for debate as London’s V&A museum counts down to the opening of its new exhibition ‘What is Luxury?‘, Instagram has become fashion’s best friend and luxury brands across the board have found a lucrative market selling knicknacks and smaller accessories.

1. Defining Luxury For A Modern Era

“In recent times we’ve seen luxury brands go back to their heritage and craftsmanship as an antidote to the logo and as a way of distinguishing their brand,” he said. “But the trap is that this can tip into nostalgia, and I don’t think the contemporary luxury consumer is feeling nostalgic.”

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2.  Some Luxury Watchmakers Are Actually Cheering On The Apple Watch 

“Of course, now that the established brands have seen what Apple’s smartwatch can do, they have had time to craft their responses. Two years ago, bespoke European watchmakers in Basel were openly dismissive of Apple’s rumored watch project—sniffy, even. “We’re not going to lose one customer,” a luxury house representative told Quartz at the time.”

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3. Amazon’s Purchase Of Luxury Retailer Net-a-Porter Far From Certain, But Talks On-Going

“Amazon.com is in talks to buy luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter but a deal is far from complete, FORBES confirmed on Thursday.”

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4. Are We In A Luxury Knickknack Bubble?

“Luxury tchotchkes like Fendi’s are one of fashion’s weirder obsessions, but if market demand is anything to go by, there’s a ton of consumer interest in very expensive knickknacks. They’re appealing because they are more than just a keychain, or a coin purse, or set of ridiculously expensive boxing gloves. They’re a way to tap into a lighthearted side of luxury that doesn’t often show its face.”

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5. Insta-Theatre: Why The Money Shot Matters 

“The clue is in the title: fashion show. Performance, production, exhibition.  But this time we’re highlighting the word “show” and pulling it apart for the sake of social media, an ever-increasing box to tick when it comes to creating that all-important catwalk money shot, something the international shows seemed to kowtow to more than ever this season.”

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6. Luxury Market Faces A Drought As Affluents Choose Conscious Consumption Rather Than Conspicuous Brands

“A new style of luxury has taken hold reflected in consumers’ preference for high-quality brands, but without paying the premium for marketing-generated prestige.”

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