TFOL Snapshot 27.02.15

This week’s news sees the Apple Watch face off with the Swiss luxury watch market. As the launch date gets closer for the Apple Watch Swiss watchmakers start to create smartwatches. McKinsey & Company look at the development of  the online luxury fashion market in Europe and the US and, further afield, we’re reminded of the significant role of the Chinese luxury market.

1. New Apple Watch Ads Give A Closer Look At The Luxury Wearable

“Apple Inc.’s forthcoming smartwatch will appear on 12 pages of the March issue of Vogue, as the device’s April release date approaches. The high-end wearable appears alongside luxury and fashion brands for good reason – the lowest-priced Apple Watch will still cost nearly double most of its competitors.”



2. The Opportunity In Online Luxury Fashion

“After a slow start, luxury fashion has earned its place in the digital universe. By 2018, global digital sales for women’s luxury fashion are expected to grow from a current 3 percent of the total market to 17 percent, for a total market size of $12 billion.”

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3. The Chinese Are Not ‘Out of Love’ With Luxury

“Chinese consumers now account for 29 percent of luxury spending worldwide. The entire global luxury market is worth $250 billion.”

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4. The Swiss Have Finally Started Making Luxury Smartwatches

“Everyone’s been waiting for it, and now it’s happened: The Swiss have finally entered the smartwatch fray.”

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