TFOL Snapshot 24.04.15

There’s an emphasis on the interplay between emotion and technology in this week’s TFOL Snapshot. Can brands harness insights from neuroscience to drive luxury sales? There’s a warning that, whilst digital is necessary, it must co-exist with and incorporate the human and emotional. Other headlines making the news; the top 7 emerging trends in luxury shopping revealed and a look at new markets.

1. How Luxury Brands Should Manage Technology

“’Technology beware seemed to be the message of day two of the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference at Florence’s historic Palazzo Vecchio, as speakers warned that the downside of technology may be a lack of soul and emotion.”

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2. Can Neuroscience Unlock The Luxury Mind?

“For years, fashion and luxury companies have tried to anticipate and cater to the deep, subconscious desires of consumers. Can neuroscience help?”

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3. Online Store Merger Prods Luxury Goods Makers Toward Internet

“The merger of the world’s two biggest online fashion stores, Net-a-Porter and Yoox, sends a warning to luxury brands to embrace the Internet with more vim after years of resistance.”

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4. Luxury Shopping – The Top 7 Trends

“Wealthy travelers shopping abroad or at airports and the importance of a digital presence emerge among the biggest trends identified in luxury shopping right now. A booming second-hand market should not be overlooked either.”

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5. China’s LGBT Consumers: How Luxury Can Tap Into A $300 Billion Market

“Long an important target for marketers in the West, LGBT consumers often have higher disposable incomes and lead consumer trends. With public acceptance of LGBT people continuing to grow worldwide, it’s time for brands to think global when developing their marketing strategies to this community.”

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6. Luxury Consumer Market Gaining Traction In Poland

“Poland is being mentioned as one of the growing markets for luxury travel, alongside Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru and Turkey.”

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