TFOL Snapshot 13.03.15

In this week’s TFOL Snapshot Wearable Tech is the talk of the town, not surprising given the recent launch of the Apple Watch, this time though, we’re going beyond the smartwatch to a future with wearable drones. Can shopping finally turn into a social media activity courtesy of a London start up Shopa?

1. It’s a Necklace, It’s an Umbrella, It’s a Drone

“Picture a stylish, blade-shaped drone on your necklace. As rain starts to fall, the device can fan out and fly above your head, spinning fast enough to keep you dry. These futuristic concepts of wearable drones — which, though years from reality would make the Apple Watch look like a Beatles-era Timex — were dreamed up at Frog Design Inc.”

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2. A British Startup is Trying to Make Social Media Shopping Succeed Where Everyone Else Failed

“London startup Shopa is trying to turn shopping into a social media activity — a task that has frequently frustrated larger companies in the past. Shopa is hoping that this time rewarding users with discounts will be the way to drive an audience around a shopping-oriented social media app.”

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3. Luxury Brands Swatch, Guess and Others Quietly Gear Up with Smartwatches

When Apple Watch was first announced last September, some experts dismissed such devices as appealing to a different class of customer – those who prize technology over prestige.

Now analysts and industry executives are starting to think that maybe the Apple Watch juggernaut will stoke sales of luxury timepieces among younger consumers used to telling the time with their phones, rather than on their wrists.

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4. Apple Watch Tests China’s Luxury Market

“China is one of nine countries Apple has picked for the release of its new Apple Watch next month, and there is high anticipation over how the device will sell in a market that already comprises one-fifth of the company’s total sales. The Shanghai-based China Market Research Group estimates that the Apple Watch will be a big success with China’s brand-conscious consumers.”

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