TFOL Snapshot 10.04.15

This week, the influence of digital and e-commerce on luxury is impossible to ignore! Chanel tests the e-commerce waters with Net-A-Porter in a first step towards online sales that many see as long overdue. Apple’s strategy for its new watch sees focus placed online and not in-store and in the wider world of retail, consumers high-level of digital sophistication means shopping malls and retailers need to match this knowledge to provide an equally sophisticated and integrated shopping experience in store.

1. Forget The Internet Of Things, There Is A Digital Revolution Taking Place In Our Shopping Malls

“The shopping centre that can provide the most immersive, exciting and attentive services are the ones that will thrive. Mall operators are realising that what ends with an in store purchase, begins online, and that they can have involvement on every step of the purchaser’s journey.”

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2. Integrating Luxury Retail Online & Offline

“Retail stores and digital presence are now absolutely complementary to each other; customers can research or buy on-line, view products at the store and buy on-line, or buy at the store. There continues to be an on-going debate of the web replacing the store; however, the storefront is critical and here to stay, especially for Luxury, where the opulence and ambience is both a sensory and visual experience, with or without a purchase.”

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3. Chanel Makes E-Commerce Debut With Net-A-Porter

“Rather than debut e-commerce on its own website, Chanel has partnered with Net-a-Porter to sell a small collection of jewelry, dubbed Coco Crush, which includes five rings and a cuff in 18-karat white and yellow gold. It will be the first time Chanel has sold anything other than beauty products online.”

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4. Apple Watch And The Strategy Of Exclusivity

“Apple enthusiasts will need to make an appointment to preview and try on one of Apple’s smartwatches before they’re even allowed to preorder the new device that officially launches on April 24. The move is part marketing strategy—to lend the smartwatch an air of exclusivity—and part effort to familiarize consumers with a relatively new concept, so they can make the best use of the product.”

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5. E-Retailers In China Going From Clicks To Bricks

“Though China now boasts about 300 million online shoppers, this is only a fraction of the country’s approximately 1.4 billion people. The new approach taken by Vinux.com and other companies aims to acquaint Chinese consumers unfamiliar with the Internet with e-commerce.”

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