Electrolux And The Future Of Home Cooking

On Friday, TFOL were invited by Electrolux to The Royal Geographical Society to experience their new luxury home kitchen range.

On arrival at the venue you are taken through a beautiful apple orchard with a stone path that leads you to the Electrolux kitchen; a seriously good first impression and sensitive reference to nature and its importance in inspiring and supplying great food. But if you were to think that great cooking is all about choosing the best ingredients then, according to Electrolux you would be only half right.

Producing the first and only professional cooking system for the home, with features such as touchscreen technology and pre-set programming sensors, The Grand Cuisine range is truly intuitive. We’ve highlighted three key products.

The Combination Oven

The Combination Oven uses sensors to precisely measure humidity, automatically adjusting for optimum cooking. This means when you add potatoes to your roast for example, the oven will automatically compensate for the extra steam that the potatoes create.


The Blast Chiller
The secret weapon of professional kitchen, The Blast Chiller is the key component in the cook-and-chill process by which food can be frozen quickly, straight from the oven, without it deteriorating.


The Precision Vacuum Sealer
The Precision Vacuum Sealer protects food from the air, keeping in the flavours and nutrients at the same time. It is the key to sous-vide cookery, sealing the food in an air tight bag, allowing it to cook more evenly and store for longer.


There are 10 products in all and as with all of the finest luxury brands, with them Electrolux have positioned themselves as the market leaders and innovators in home cooking, giving us all an insight into how home cooking will look in the years to come. The prices are eye watering with products starting at £65,000 but buying one will put you in good company; the range is used by over half of Michelin-starred kitchens in Europe, most notably in the UK by Alain Ducasse and Tom Aikens. For more information and to gain a better understanding visit their website.

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