Digital Luxury Marketing In Russia – L2 Report Reveals Local Knowledge Gap

Digital innovation think tank L2 have found that despite having a strong and established presence in Russia, luxury brands aren’t achieving their full potential due to a lack of strategically targeted digital marketing.

The report reveals many surprising facts and statistics that luxury brands aren’t taking advantage of. According to the report, Google isn’t the leading search engine, Russian native Yandex is. However, luxury brand sites are still poorly optimised for cyrillic search, leading to a drop in search result rankings. Another noteworthy statistic is Android’s 71% marketshare of smartphones in Russia, yet luxury iOS apps (for iPhone only) outnumber Android apps at nearly 5 to 1, therefore squandering an opportunity to reach target luxury customers.

Digital IQ Index®: Russia | Prestige 2013 from L2 Think Tank on Vimeo.

It seems that with a greater level of local knowledge in Russia, luxury brands could target the digital Russian consumer base far more effectively than at present. To find out more about digital luxury marketing in Russia head on over to the L2 website.