5 Approaches To Video That Luxury Brands Are Using To Build Their Profiles

Having previously discussed the importance of brands viewing themselves as online publishers, we thought it would be interesting to explore some contemporary approaches that brands are taking to video.

Approach 1 – The mini feature.

High quality online video content is a very powerful way for luxury brands to position themselves in digital and to connect with a younger market. There has tended to be a general format whereby a big brand links up with a prestigious director and selection of actors to create an quasi feature film experience. This format is a great way to change perceptions of your brand. Like this film for PRADA. With its big cast and stage like setting (not to mention the Spielberg-esque music for the end titles) Prada have introduced an element of humour to demystify the common perception that the fashion industry takes itself very seriously.

Approach 2 – The nod to retro.

Globalisation and the internet saw the accessibility of premium goods to the masses. What used to be for the privileged few is now obtainable to anyone who has enough money. Many fashion brands have jumped on the trend for heritage and the past with frivolous, stylised shorts celebrating escapism and the old days of an analogue life. This example by Dior ‘The art of seduction and being free’ takes visual queues from classic fashion and beauty ads, music videos and films of old such as Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’

Approach 3 – All about the product

Its a brand piece and its all about the benefits of the product. Often we see the product being brought to life through animation like Chanels Robot piece, but sometimes like in the case of BMW, we are shown impressive stunts and demonstrations that highlight the perfection and precision of the luxury brands. Often one can see concepts that are influenced and informed by trends in gaming and social media such as content involving sharing such as Kenzo & Barneys collaboration. Often it is driving by the audience it is focussed towards.

Approach 4 – Behind the scenes

It started with DVD extras and now is found with preview content on the web. The extra footage supporting the main footage. This is most commonly found in the form of behind the scenes of photo and film shoots where the viewer is given the opportunity to get closer to the brand or the celebrity and allows the brand to express a sense of authenticity and transparency for its most loyal fans.

Approach 5 – The Craftsmanship.

In recent years there has be a large push to express craftsmanship, one of the key differentiators of luxury from mainstream brands. It comes about because brands want to know how they can add value to their brand and products when customers cannot try it on, smell it, feel it etc. Its about showing the customer where the value is in its products. Like Louis Vuitton showing the detail in watchmaking or this very creative collaboration between Gucci and Fiat bringing a bit of humour to what could be in danger of becoming quite instructional,

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