TFOL Snapshot 08.05.15

This week’s TFOL Snapshot is tech heavy.
All our top headlines this week look at how the integration of digital and tech at a fundamental level are key to a luxury brand’s success – both customer and operations-side.

Net-a-Porter create a social network that claims to revolutionise mobile luxury shopping as much as net-a-porter.com did for luxury online shopping. Other stories include the ever increasing number of fashion start-ups bypassing traditional, physical retail spaces in favour of digital making it easier for them to reach consumers directly.

1. Net-a-Porter Creates Social Network For Mobile Luxury Shopping

“Net-a-Porter, the online fashion retailer merging with Yoox SpA, unveiled what it says is the first social network for consumers to flaunt their style and buy luxury goods via mobile devices.”

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2. Luxury Brands, Technology & Operational Efficiency

“Technology is indispensable for all businesses today. The winners will continue to use technology strategically and tactically in all parts of the business. In this segment, we will discuss technology broadly from the following perspectives: product life-cycle management- design, demand planning, manufacturing, service; analytics and big data, wearables, and personalization.”

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3. How Social Media Can Help Shoppers Find Their Style

“One might imagine there are not many firsts left in online retailing but Peter Janes would disagree, fired by an ambition to revolutionise the way people shop on the web. The British entrepreneur is chief executive of Shopa, a London company claiming to be the world’s first online marketplace selling fashion goods through the recommendations of people on social networks.”

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4. Fashion Startups Bypass Department Stores To Reach Consumers

“Are traditional department stores becoming irrelevant? Some startup founders are saying it is getting ever easier for fashion brands to reach consumers directly, through business models like subscription, as well as mobile apps where consumers discover trends and items.”

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5. Could 3-D Body Scanners Help You Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans?

“Peer into the fitting room of the future. A couple of years ago, the apparel industry was abuzz about Me-Ality, a tech startup from Nova Scotia, Canada, with a radical proposition: If 3-D digital scanning booths could size you up at airport security, then why couldn’t they measure you for the perfect-fitting pair of jeans?”

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