TFOL Snapshot 06.03.15

1. The Rise of Mobile Fashion Is Making Everything Flatter

‘Elbaz is hardly the first designer to notice that the need to reproduce a lot of clothes, and to sell them over portable devices like tablets, has produced flat-looking fashion, with pricey embroidery often used to grab consumers’ attention — call it mobile fashion’

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2. Competition at the Digital Edge: ‘Hyperscale’ Business

‘Digitization is upending many core tenets of competition among industries by lowering the cost of entering markets and providing high-speed passing lanes to scale up enterprises.’

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3. Dash Hudson Raises $1 Million to Beat The Instagram Shopping Conundrum

‘Dash Hudson the app that aims to make your Instagram photos shoppable, has announced a seed round of $1 million, tapping a mix of institutional and individual investors.’

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4. China to Overtake the U.S. in Retail Sales in 3 Years

‘A recently released report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) looks at the country’s 2015 retail market and shows its tremendous growth potential for the future. China’s retail sales volume growth is expected to reach 7.9 percent by 2018, while North America will hit 2.6 percent and the global average only 3.4 percent.’

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